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Project Definition
Business Analyst Overview
Business Object Modeling
Business Process Analysis - Optimizing the "To-Be"
Business Event Modeling
Reconciling Models
Roll-Out Strategies
Project Management: Leadership
Soft Skills for IT Professionals
Joint Development Approach (JDA) Facilitation
Testing Strategies
Software Selection
Fundamentals of Prototyping
Technical Data Modeling
Project Planning
Project Management: A Framework for Today’s Environment
Strategic Information Resource Management Planning
Strategic Planning Techniques
Data Warehouse Overview
Integrated Data Architecture
The Analyst Mind-Set
The Rest of Analysis
Project Direction, Delegation, and Oversight
Vendor Management
Appraisal, Transition, and Closure
Advanced Object Modeling
Business Process Modeling - Documenting the "As-Is"
Facilitating Process Modeling Sessions
Business Analyst Roles and Responsibilities
Customer, Staff, and Other Stakeholder Modeling
Business Analysis Methods and Techniques for Everyday Projects
Requirements Planning and Management
Ensuring Business Requirements are Delivered
Systems Analyst Roles & Responsibilities
Technical Use Cases
Structure Charts and Robust Process Design
Project Management Roles & Responsibilities in Analysis
Business Analysis, Innovation, and Project Success
Business Information Modeling
Organization Design
IT Leadership Communication Planning
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